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Animations & Video for Namics / Merkle company

Animations & Video for Namics / Merkle company


A concepted animation to show in a playful way the history, growth and merge from  Namics  to The Merkle Company. (SoundFX included)


Social Media Job Offers

Made a complete series and template so long term it is very adaptable and easy to use for people without Ae skills.


25 Years of Namics

Here i created something special even with sound! it is completely self mixed so we can have something unique, recognisable.


Spark AR Filters

I learned how to use and make Ar filters with Spark Ar by facebook. So i created for firm events some fun Filters.


Christmas cards and tears

We had an internal Problem about the updated clients addresses. So i had to find a creative fun way to give everyone the message why they should update their clients addresses before christmas...


Ski event

I told everybody to film some bits and then i cut everything together with my main footage i took with my GoPro. 

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